Smart Agriculture

SECURECYCLE has been working with farmers, civil society organizations (NGOs, community-based organizations, professional associations, networks, etc.) in technical work, training and capacity building, and advocacy of best agricultural practices. Our projects focus on youth Empowerment both in urban and rural communities on leveraging skills, talents and resources to provide food security in Nigeria while also restoring our eco-system through sustainable agricultural practices.

Climate Change Adaptation

SECURECYCLE is scaling up climate resilient livelihoods and risk management by supporting Nigeria to advance sustainable economic development in rural areas, provide improved climate information and early warning systems, and promote the sharing of climate-smart tools, training and techniques.

Waste Management

Nigeria generates more than 32 million tons of solid waste annually, out of which only 20-30% is collected. Reckless disposal of MSW has led to blockage of sewers and drainage networks, and choking of water bodies. At SECURECYCLE we advocate and protect the environment using information, communication and educational approach to create a sustainable environment. Our waste management project is developed from the necessity of having a sustainable environment which promotes good hygiene practices and gives value back to the society through our circular economy model of operation. Our systemic and disintegrated modes of waste collection help us to map effectively and understand the dynamics of our operations, choose our stakeholders and carryout our services diligently and timely while giving our customers and stakeholders the best.

Climate Resilient Technologies

Adaptation will require more resilient infrastructure, more climate-resilient technologies, and new agricultural practices to counter the increased climate risks. Improving access to energy in underserved areas and using low-emission technologies can address the development needs of vulnerable populations while promoting a transition to green, low-emission and climate resilient development. Our projects are centered on providing supportive action at the local level to facilitate adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Innovative technologies and practices include resilient agro-pastoral practices, water management and rehabilitation of ecosystems. Through these efforts SECURECYCLE is also helping to secure equitable, transparent and affordable access to energy and natural resources in productive sectors with the highest potential for poverty eradication.

Economic Diversification

Economic diversification is one component of economic resilience and is also a key component of sustainable development as it will assist countries in reducing poverty and generate employment in the long run. In order to eradicate extreme poverty, there needs to be an economic transformation towards sustainable development. This transformation needs to be supported institutions, incentives and investments and is an essential factor in adapting to changing conditions. Such includes energy sector, improved value chain and building resilience through capacity building for women and youth in regions susceptible to climate change impact.

Our Partners and Sponsors

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